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[US - Maryland][H] Full gaming PC for local pick-up, Razer mice, Das mech. keyboard via PayPal

For sale is a full PC, 2 Razer DeathAdder mice, and a Das Professional Model S Silent.
PC specs:
All parts have been in use less than 2 years and were never overclocked (I mounted the EVO as the stock cooler fan died). Note that in the pictures the GTX670 is not installed, as I just got a fresh one from an EVGA RMA, meaning it was tested by them to work and will be installed if I sell this. This is local pick-up only unless you convince me there's a reliable and affordable way to ship a PC. Comes without any OS.
Asking price: $600. If you would rather install your own RAM or SSD, we can negotiate.
One Razer Deathadder 3.5G, one Razer DeathAdder Black. Both are pretty worn down on top, but still work well. However, the Black is experiencing the typical Razer scroll-wheel problem - this should be fixable with tape; the cable weave is a little tattered but has been taped. Asking $15 for each + shipping, PayPal or Bitcoin.
Das Professional Model S Silent, used for less than a year. Slight scuffing on the gloss surface but all keys work fine, has been cleaned thoroughly. Asking $90 + shipping, PayPal or Bitcoin.
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