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It's from Matthew O'Brien, a senior associate editor at The Atlantic covering business and economics. He doesnt even acknowledge that there are different schools of economic thought. I'm even wondering was the guy just trying to troll a bit, and upset as many Bitcoin fans as possible - which would actually make it a very amusing article. If you want to have your own Bitcoin wallet we suggest Multibit or Armory: ... There are some who see Bitcoin as dangerous, or as is the case with The Atlantic economics and business editor Matthew O’Brien, a bit silly. In a recent editorial, O’Brien compared Bitcoin to the Segway scooter, reliving the “mass delusion” the Segway caused back when it was released in 2001, from Steve Jobs ... Matthew O’Brien, a renowned American author, and journalist for The Atlantic described Bitcoin as a “tech stock,” claiming that its volatility rate doesn’t represent a legitimate currency ... Meanwhile, another dear reader sent us this opinion from Matthew O'Brien at The Atlantic: "Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme libertarians use to make money off each other – because gold wasn't enough of one for them." Conan O'Brien - Bitcoin's COO explains what bitcoin Is. Congressman Jared Polis - a call to ban U.S. Dollar!? Do You Want To Trade Some Shitcoins? - from fyrstikken. Hitler finds out Litecoin was dumped - a parody on the dump of 7/10/2015. Holding - a BTC take on Billy Joel's, 'The Longest Tim'e by Zhou Tonged. Sh!t Bitcoin Fanatics Say - Part 1. Sh!t Bitcoin Fanatics Say - Part 2. Sh!t ...

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Calculating Altcoin Taxes NEVER EASIER w/ Crypto Tax Software

24/7 Live Bitcoin Algo Trading on Deribit Exchange (DeriBot) Bitcoin Trading Robots 168 watching Live now LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively - Duration: 1:21:52. Kurt and Matthew breakdown the Best and Worst Cryptocurrency Exchanges out there. This Podcast is perfect for the Beginner trader looking to jump into the Ma... Welcome to the CryptoVet Channel, where I will bring you everything I can on Cryptocurrency and everything else in between. Below you will find extra thoughts I had between video uploads and ways ... Matthew Roszak Co-Founder, SilkRoad Equity - Bitcoin Venture Investor and Speaker - BitAngels Adam Stradling Co-founded and COO, by Tradehill, Inc. T. Steel Rose CPA and Editor, CPA ... Today we talk about bitcoin and altcoin taxes and how to calculate taxes on bitcoin using some crypto tax software. I go over my top 5 different crypto tax software and at the end I share with you ...