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Using Electrum and Bootable Ubuntu USB to Create a Secure Cold Storage Wallet

Here is a short guide that is hopefully newb friendly for creating a cold-storage wallet with Electrum. All you will need is at least one USB flash drive with at least 2 GB of free space, your PC, and pen & paper.
You will need The Universal USB Installer, as well as the Ubuntu .iso image file. Choose the 32 bit version to be safe. Download both, plug in your USB flash drive, and launch the installer. Select Ubuntu in Step 1 in the installer. Then in Step 2 browse and locate the Ubuntu .iso image file you downloaded. Then in Step 3 select the drive you have inserted, as well as click the box to format the drive and erase contents. Do NOT set a persistence as this will reduce the security. Then click create and wait for it to finish.
Once booted into Ubuntu, make sure to click "try ubuntu". You are only trying it out on the USB, and not installing it onto your main hard drive. The reason for using the bootable drive is everything exists in memory and mostly disappears when you shut down Ubuntu.
(It would be more ideal to install electrum in a complete cold environment, but I have heard that could cause some problems with Electrum at this time and it is best to install it while connected to the internet. But if you want true cold storage you must have zero internet connection at the time of creating the wallet. Since we are disconnecting before Electrum creates the seed, we should be good.)
At this point you are done, just shut down Ubuntu to make sure the evidence of the seed is erased. Then you can send Bitcoins to your cold storage wallet. You have effectively created a very secure cold storage wallet, in my opinion. To restore the cold wallet, just launch electrum and choose "restore wallet" option, type in your seed, and voila you have a hot wallet ready to spend again.
Extra: Using Truecrypt Encryption
Bonus tutorial is if you would prefer to save your seed on another USB or digital device. It is not recommended to do this, unless the seed in encrypted. Even then I would only leave it on a USB and not plug it into any hot device just to be safe. I would recommend Truecrypt although its possible the NSA has hacked Truecrypt, so use at your own risk.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stefansundin/truecrypt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install truecrypt
Hit enter after each command. If it asks permission, press y. Sometimes I had problems getting commands to work in the past. For some reason first installing flash from the software center fixes the problem, but I have no idea why.
Choose a size for the file, probably 5 MB is enough, but by all means choose more if you want to hold more files. Click next and make sure to choose a SECURE password for the file. If you don't pick a good enough password it will be brute forced easily. Use numbers, letters, capitals, lowercase, symbols, and make it long as possible. Try to have it something you can memorize if possible. Then click next. Then format it as FAT, and click next. Move your mouse around for entropy and then click Format, and your truecrypt container has been created.
I think this is a decent easy to follow tutorial. Hopefully this can help some newbies out, if I made any mistakes please feel free to correct me.
Edit: Sorry formatting sucks.
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found old wallet. how do i check if it has something inside?

Hey all.
I'm not into mining, but back in 2011 I remember learning about bitcoin and being interested in the concept, so I gave it a try.
I have literally 0 memory about what I did at the time, I must have followed some tutorial and set up a miner for a brief period of time (couple days, maybe).
Anyway, I found the wallet I was instructed to create at the time, encrypted in a truecrypt partition, which I am able to decrypt and mount.
How can I check if it has something inside? All I have in this partition is a bunch of .dat, .log, and some __db.001, __db.002 and so on.
If I can be more specific, ask straight away. Thanks in advance
EDIT: gonna install & sync bitcoin core tomorrow, after freeing some disk space.
To everyone who advised to backup, thanks, I had already done that but that's an advice that never gets repeated enough.
If anybody wants to send me scripts, you may as well post them in the comments or save your time and mine, I'm not clueless.
I'll be updating this with results, thanks for the help!
EDIT2: sadly, no coins. thanks everybody for your help, and good luck with your coins!
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Best way to store Bitcoins for 5 years

Hey! I just bought some bitcoin on an exchange website. As I plan to keep them for a while (5 years maybe, something like that), I'd like to know what the best way of keeping my Bitcoins secure.
I read lots of tutorials but there are so many methods... Here is what I thought to do, could you give me a feedback please?
1) Download a Ubuntu Live CD and put it on a USB stick
2) Start my everyday notebook with the USB stick, launching Ubuntu
3) Create an offline wallet using either bitadress, Armory or something else. Which one is the safest you think?
4) Encrypt the wallet using TrueCrypt
5) Burn it on a disc or putting it on multiple USB stick
6) Check the balance with blockexplorer
And if I want to recover the money, I launch Ubuntu Live CD, this time connected to the internet, decrypt the wallet, import it via Armory then transfer the Bitcoins to some exchange website.
Does that sound right? Is it better to look for paper wallet?
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