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Thomas Collins - YouTube What the 1% Don't Want You to Know - YouTube How the rich get richer – money in the world economy  DW ... How cash is becoming a thing of the past  DW Documentary ...

Paul Krugman then quoted his post, neither ... I would recommend looking his interview in russia where he explains bitcoin but dont ask me stupid questions like URL.I give a fuck if you see it or not.At least use sources which are worth being quoted instead of rehashed shit. and here a small bait for people who are still unable to use google themself Click to expand... @DotComCompany is ... This is why the transaction volume of bitcoin its extraordinarily high during the bubble cycle, both on the way up, and on the way down. From this observation we can see the velocity of bitcoin also serves as the price finding mechanism for the immediate price of bitcoin. Before we dive in deeper, lets first take a look at how bitcoin acts as a private bank in the digital world. Bitcoin: The ... A New Zealand libertarian blog about Austrian economics, organic architecture, romantic realist art, Ayn Rand, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Von Mises Crypto-currency remains controversial, and Bitcoin, a leading open source initiative to create an alternative form of currency, is at the center of this controversy. Here, the author provides an ... I've mentioned Bitcoin a number of times on this blog. It is something our firm is watching closely. We thought briefly about making a Bitcoin specific investment earlier this year but ended up deciding to sit on the sidelines for now. We are quite taken with the idea of a currency that is not controlled […]

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Interview: James Turk Founder and Director of Goldmoney. James Turk says saving in physical gold and silver is still the best way to protect the purchasing power of your money. James also explains ... Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy - the very system our founders revolted against. Visit the Bill Moyers site to... Peter Leeds explains recession in the economy! SUBSCRIBE: There will almost certainly be an upcoming recession, probably in 2019, but a... Cashless payments are on the rise. They are fast, easy and convenient. Worldwide, cashless transactions have become the norm. But Germany’s central bank and ... Exploding real estate prices, zero interest rate and a rising stock market – the rich are getting richer. What danger lies in wait for average citizens? For ...